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April's Tip.

Hannah Walker

29 Apr 2024

 How to feel more in alignment with your life?

 How to feel more in alignment with your life?

Do you find yourself wanting to control everything in your life and struggle when it doesn't go to plan? Do you feel as though you are off path. Then this article may help you. Years ago, before I went through my awakening I felt out of alignment, felt anxious constantly and didn't really know where my life was heading. Focusing on bringing my mind body and spirit into alignment helped me see clearly and helped give me direction moving forwards. Here are some of the things that I implemented into my life to help create balance and helped me bring my life back into alignment which may help you too:


·       You are what you eat.  


I believe food has a massive impact on how we feel, not just that but on also how much energy we have to do things. Helping to create more balance within my diet gave me more energy to focus on the things that I wanted to do and helped shift that sluggish feel. Our diet plays a huge part on how we feel.


·       Setting small manageable tasks every day


Sometimes when you don't know which direction you are heading, and you feel out of alignment it is sometimes difficult to get started. You may not know where to start. However, I found setting small manageable tasks every single day and writing these down helped not just to get me started but also helped to increase my motivation levels towards achieving a greater sense of alignment.


·       Meditation and journaling


When your mind is busy it is difficult to see where you want to be in the future or what it is that you are needing to focus on right now in your life. Perhaps you feel like you're always making the wrong choice. It is very easy to allow the stresses of life to consume you and overwhelm you. Using meditation techniques and journaling down my thoughts, plans and worries helped me to clear my mind so that I could focus on positive thoughts and achievements rather than being consumed by the negative. Try to release any negative emotions you may be holding onto such as anger, regret or shame …. These will only hold you back. Be kinder to yourself and focus on the positive emotions.


·       Small Goals  


If you are feeling a lack of motivation or perhaps feel as though you are at a crossroads and don't know which direction to go setting small achievable future goals may help, even if in the future you don’t completely follow them…. It’s a tool to get you started. Make 2 or 3 short term goals and see how you get on….



·       Your intuition is your super power….


Listen to the inner messages and feelings…. There trying to tell you something…. Your intuition really is your superpower… This will help you align your life and will help you find your purpose.  


·       Friends can help too….


Are you feeling alone? Sometimes it’s easy to feel as though we are alone or that we don’t have anyone to turn to but that couldn’t be further from the truth (Speaking from experience). Seek out of a community or organisation that may be able to help you… classes, groups etc this could be in the form of social media, education such as college or university etc. When I found numerous groups and communities online this helped me to find my purpose through listening to other people’s aspirations and within this community in itself helped me to grow as a person. Give it a try! X (Struggling to find a community, you could always join my little group on Facebook 😊)


Most importantly find what works for you.

Here are just some hints and tips through my own experiences but you may find other things work for you.

Love from

Hannah xx



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