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January's Tip

Hannah Walker

19 Jan 2024

Lets Talk Feelings.

Let’s talk feelings.

Why is it important to understand how we feel?

Emotional awareness is important which helps us to understand what we need and want or what we don’t want. Understanding our emotions and how we feel is crucial for our well-being. The more connected we are with ourselves the more we understand our emotional responses, which may help oneself understand how we react to something in a particular way. It is important to recognise when we have an emotion, why we are having it and what it is trying to tell us. Furthermore, building emotional awareness also helps to build relationships with others. Building emotional awareness provides us with the skills to reflect to help us feel more in control of our feelings which will provide a positive impact on our ownership and purposefulness of our life.

Why is it important to talk about how we feel?

Talking about how we feel can help us feel better when we are worried, scared, sad, anxious, or feeling stuck in a situation. When we talk about how we feel it helps us to clarify how we actually feel. Secondly, describing how we feel usually initiates a conversation with others which may help improve interpersonal relationships. Talking about how we feel with others may make us feel vulnerable at times but talking about how we feel is an investment to ourselves. Through opening up and sharing how we feel helps oneself to learn new coping strategies and new ways to support oneself through life’s up and downs.

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