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November's Tip.

Hannah Walker

12 Nov 2023

Ways to Address Stress

Ways to address stress
There are lots of things that can cause stress. Stress is our bodies way of responding to pressure that we experience. It often arrives when we feel we have no control over a situation or when we experience something unexpected that threatens our sense of self. It is important to remember that we all deal with stress differently. I have noted some ways you can potentially address stress sourced from NHS (2023).
1.Support Network Having a good support network of family, friends or colleagues may ease troubles or may help you to see things in a different light or way. Furthermore, opening up how you feel to others may give you solutions to your problems in turn potentially reducing your stress levels.
2.Avoid unhealthy habits It is best to tackle the cause of stress rather than creating unhealthy ways of coping with stress. Try to avoid creating unhealthy ways of dealing with your stress and look at other ways and solutions that, may provide a longer relief from what you are experiencing.
3. Mindfulness Positivity Meditation, mindfulness and looking for the positives in everyday life may help reduce your stress levels. Try to write down one thing you are grateful for every day.
4. Take Time If you’re not spending time doing the thing you enjoy, or love try setting some time aside for this. It is important for you to take time for relaxation, socialising, or exercise. Sometimes we can get bogged down with working long hours not giving ourselves much ‘me time’.
5. Exercise Exercise can help you clear your thoughts and by doing this may help you to think more clearly helping you to create solutions to your problems potentially a lot faster.
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